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95% of all technology startups fail.  Mine didn’t.  Having established an international software company operating for over 10 years in 6 continents with over 8,000 customers I can advise you on what to do and what not to do if you’re that entrepreneur who is determined to create a company that makes it.   Having lived it I can certainly help you with strategy, planning, leads and expertise that can help.  Any great startup idea will take a big toll on your life and your family and finances.  Go into it with a good plan that you can manage well.  The problem is that even if you have the knowledge and experience and connections – and even financial backing – you certainly will lack the requisite objectivity necessary to succeed.  You will need seasoned advisors who can help you choose wisely. Remember: tenacity can be both your greatest strength and greatest weakness.

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At no cost, we will spend up to one hour in person or on the phone to listen to your concerns about the project. If you are located within or near the Bay Area we will visit in person. If you are more than 2-hours outside of the Bay Area we can conduct the assessment over the phone or web-meeting. Within three business days you will receive a written summary report of our expert assessment and recommendations. You get the benefit of an expert, neutral, third party review of your situation.

You may use this assessment as the basis for an action plan that you carry out with your team. Or if desired, we have excellent resources with the ability to handle most remedial work.

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Joe Kolinger is President of Kolinger & Associates, a management consulting firm specializing in organizational transformation for business growth and profitability.  Having worked with hundreds of companies he provides elegant ways to solve complex problems through the application of strategy, technology and people.

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