Helping managers & teams understand how to communicate better is especially important they they are to achieve their goals and make progress the organization’s objectives. In his book, Project Management, As if People Mattered, Robert Graham cites the perpetual problem of poor communication as the cause of so many project failures.

Project post mortems reveal the frequent comment, “We have to communicate better!”
Dr. Graham postulated that this problem was so pervasive that there must be some kind of reward for poor communication.  As strange as it may sound, he investigated and found 14 benefits – or rewards – for poor communication.

Consider these reasons as to why poor communication will continue wreak havoc in your organizations:

  • Establishes mystique
  • Builds power base
  • Cuts down on questions
  • Permits faster decision-making
  • Minimizes impact of poor planning
  • Prevents sharing of ideas and corresponding credit
  • Discourages competitive creative thinking
  • Minimizes opposition and criticism
  • Easier to deny what you said later on
  • Allows you to change your mind
  • Masks true intent
  • Enables two different interpretations at one time
  • Avoids confrontation
  • Helps you to say “No!” nicely

Being aware of these dynamics may help you be more realistic in your assessment of communication quality.   Until then, expect that honest communication will continue to be a source of trouble.

Can you think of any others that may be at work in your projects or organization? Would you like to explore ways to reverse this trend and begin to reward good communications in your organization?

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